Keynote Speakers:

Bilal Ahmed (Kuka Robotics, Germany)

Dr. Zafar Bangash (Asst. Professor, CEME)

This mini-symposium consisted of following two parts:

  1. Mobile robotics & its applications in the real world (Bilal Ahmed – Kuka Robotics, Germany)

    KUKA offers industrial robots in a wide range of versions with various payload capacities and reaches that can be utilized in complex and demanding commercial applications

  2. PETRA – Automatic watering system with remote monitoring and control (Dr. Zafar Bangash – Asst. Professor, CEME)

    PETRA is a fully autonomous solar powered scalable drip / pump irrigation system that monitors, and controls the humidity levels in the soil. Irrigation can be provided from a nearby tank using integrated pump, or drip water supply line through a solenoid valve.