The application domain shall develop prototype solutions adhering to Industry 4.0 standard for two industries, namely textile and medical equipment manufacturing. The objective is to demonstrate the viability of getting compliance to Industry 4.0 for the key industries of Pakistan that play a vital role in the exports and, at the same time, quantify the benefits of automation to other industrial sectors. Around the globe, traditional manufacturing is going through digital transformation. US has initiated industrial internet, cyber physical systems, and advanced manufacturing program (AMP) for future manufacturing. Germany is leading this transformation termed as fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). China has also launched the 2025 Program and Internet Plus to focus on smart manufacturing. Digital manufacturing uses computers, networking and related technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoTs) to control and optimize the entire production process. In the manufacturing industry, their processes need to adapt to this rapid change. The objective of the application domain is to make key industries appreciate the fourth industrial revolution.

Dr. Shoab Ahmed Khan (PI)