Working on health care, the lab will strength health care mechanisms as well as to improve allocation resources. Data enabled solutions will help to make a fool proof national programmes. The i-Hospital will be a pioneering project. The i-Hospital goes beyond advanced clinical systems and includes seamless integration between applications, medical, communication, and physical infrastructure technologies to create real-time standards based digital information and collaboration environment across the enterprise. To build i-Hospital is to optimize process redesign supported by technology enablers as an integral and fundamental part of a patient centred business strategy focused on enterprise-wide value creation through efficiency, quality of care and patient safety, ultimately contributing to the sustainability of the health system it functions within. The healthcare is now defined as a framework of hardware, software, partner point solutions, and consulting services that lay the foundation for the digital transformation of healthcare service delivery. We are aiming to offer a comprehensive, pervasive IT infrastructure to enable clinical and administrative workflow and communications as well as process and quality improvements and has begun to expand those process improvements beyond the hospital’s four walls.

Dr. Usman Qamar (Co-PI)

PhD (UK)