Three types of services are provided:

  • HPC and storage resources through a broker architecture
  • Generic data analytics algorithms utilizing HPC
  • Domain specific data analytic algorithms using generic data analytics and HPC/storage resources
  • Healthcare, ACES and Industry 4.0 are planned as three application area

All HPC and storage resources in public domain will be made part of the framework for effective utilization and KPIs will be defined for their effective utilization. In order to use software services clients can use any of the following three options:

  • Web Services: Logic runs on clusters, data uploaded by clients to get their results
  • Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs): Logic is downloaded by clients and they can embed that in their own source codes
  • Mobile Agents: Executable agents execute on client computers without any data migration to perform data analytics

Client can also incorporate their computing resources, data centers, generic logic and domain specific logic in the framework.

Dr. Syed Tahir Zaidi (Co-PI)



Dell PowerEdge R730 Sun Blade x6250
Processor Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 @ 2.10 GHz Intel Xeon E5410 @ 2.33 GHz
Quantity 2 10
Physical Cores 16 40
Logical Cores 32 80
RAM 128 GB 320 GB
Storage 1 TB 3 TB